tisdag 18 juni 2013

Bird's Nest Abstraction 21

I haven't actually painted at all lately, over a week since I touched a brush. It started with me over thinking how I made my last face exploration so effortless and after that I lost inspiration. I am taking things slow right now, recharging my battery and trying to figure out where to go next. Some subjects I don't feel like doing right now, others I'm not sure what direction I want  to take them (after all I want to ad some new to a subject).
Luckily I got paintings left to post. This is another one of the more abstract nest paintings.

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  1. Hi Roger, I have the same problem, when I've finished a painting and I'm really satisfied, it takes a while before I'll hit my stride again!!
    Give it time, you'll be fine!
    Great painting, very lively, love it!

  2. Bonjour Roger,
    Avec l'arrivée des beaux jours, enfin!! nous avons envie de prendre une pause, emprunter un chemin différent... Des moments de réflexions nécessaires pour avancer bien.
    Les aléas de la vie aussi nous obligent à nécessairement ralentir un rythme.
    En ce qui me concerne, je me sens coincée avec des obligations d'un côté... et les heures qui filent à tout allure! et aussi l'éducation de mon bébé dalmatien Icarus qui semble accaparer tout mon temps !!... sourire !

    Ce trio de nids est une peinture que j'aime beaucoup. Elle me fait penser à quelque chose vous direz de stupide peut-être ! Une sorte de citée pour oiseaux ! 3 familles sur le même palier !...
    J'aime l'entrelacement des brinds...
    Gros bisous

  3. Very beautiful abstraction painting with these interesting bird's nests !!!
    Bravo Roger and keep going your wonderful art !!!

  4. You really got inspired by the nests, I think you made them in all different colors , but I love them all !

  5. An early bird's nest, before you took the subject to more colorful heights. I am curious as to your fascination with the form, which can be read as a vortex. Any comment Maestro? :-)


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