torsdag 13 juni 2013

Cupcake 22


This is one of the cupcake paintings I did in early May. I took inspiration from two kind of cupcakes and did several versions of them. I didn't want to post them all at once. Right now I tend to do series of paintings with a subject and it is nice to have some paintings with other subjects to mix things up with.

4 kommentarer:

  1. This is a very cool cupcake painting, Roger!!
    It looks cheerful and delicious. I love how you did
    the whipped cream with the berries on top!

  2. Love the blue paper cup with the blueberries. Nice next to the warm cake color.

  3. Another one of your delicious looking cupcakes, the cream looks just yummi !

  4. Sweets for the sweetest. Pass the cupcake please. Nice baking Roger.


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