tisdag 3 september 2013

Autumn berries 4


I can paint fall all year long and I am looking forward to go outside and take a lot of reference photos. This one was inspired from photographs taken last year and painted a while back. Still taking things easy.

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  1. We all need a break to refill our cups. Enjoy your leave. Your heart will take you back to the easel when the time is right. I love the ice blue in this painting; it plays well with the reds. This series is particularly beautiful.

  2. This one is great, Roger! The colors are amazing, especially the warm Autumn colors in combination with the little bits of blue. The composition is beautiful too!

  3. Boy this caught my eye! I LOVE the colors. And that pop of blue is very well done -- just right. I just went back through some of your posts. I've been very lazy about checking up on blogs. I definitely know what it means to need to "re-charge." Take your time and get whatever break you need, you'll come back when you're ready and with renewed inspiration. :)

    I LOVE your dogwood paintings. And Abstracture 16 is VERY cool - so much energy to it. It almost looks like neon to me. I would so love to see that Berry Abstraction in person -- the one with the blueberries the size of a kid's head! Ha! I loved that description. The size must be so impressive. You paintings have so much life to them and then when you enlarge the subject to larger than life, it must really have such great impact.

    Anyway - just wanted to say hello. Hang in there . . . you'll catch the painting bug again. Hope all is well otherwise and that you enjoyed your summer. --K

  4. The crossed leaves - one dark, one light, adds so much power to the round berries. Great colors and great design make this a simply fabulous painting.

  5. Bonjour Roger,

    Je suis enfin de retour et j'ai la joie de pouvoir à nouveau admirer votre art... bien que celui-ci vit avec moi, dans ma maison !
    Vos baies sont merveilleuses et les couleurs que vous employez sont chatoyantes.
    Je vous envoie une photo de ma promenade de hier après-midi où j'ai pu admirer quelques baies...
    Je vous fais de gros bisous

  6. Lovely autumn berries and really very beautiful composition with nice and warm colours !!!

  7. Hello Roger, your berries are gorgeous and vivid , beautiful and bold colors !


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