onsdag 15 januari 2014

Rowan Berrries 20

My focus is still on April and I got a lot of thinking to do. There is also a lot of things needed to be done until the exhibition and all paintings done should be a possibility to be used in that context.
This is a larger version of one of my favorite Rowan berries paintings. Going larger usually mean more details, but I tried to keep the roughness of the original.

3 kommentarer:

  1. What exhibition in April? The Rowan berries is a very attractive series--as is your style. You'll do well details and all. I'm glad I stopped by, I really fell behind. Everything is looking Roger--and that means great.

  2. Great one - I especially love the colors!
    Good to see you back in this format.
    and happy that Google + has gone.

  3. In spite of the size you had a very good control of the colors and you kept it simple but still striking.


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