fredag 19 oktober 2012

Cupcake 13


Painting small gives me some problem since my art is line based, but when Lorri who has bought several paintings from me wants to see me doing 6" x 6" I can't refuse. I have played around with familiar subjects and compositions, trying to keep things simple and get the feel for it. The lines limit how small I can go without loosing the flow, but I think I got a good/OK start.

This is my first post with a 6" x 6" painting and it is a cute cupcake.

5 kommentarer:

  1. It looks great. Here you are working smaller and I'm trying to work bigger! The 6"x6" are definitely easier to mail when sold!

    1. Thanks Nora.
      All depend on if I can get the weight down to 100g or the shipping cost will be the same as for the 8" x 8".

  2. I think so too. Small is very difficult. You're adjusting your work to the format just fine though.

  3. Love the cupcake.
    I agree, small is difficult. It was very hard
    for me and sometimes still is.

  4. Roger you are so fast I missed the cupcake :-))) I would call this simple and beautiful and I agree on being difficult painting small.


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