onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Forest exploration 7

I did this one more or less at the same time as I did "Forest exploration 8" and it is a variation of the same theme.

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  1. En admirant cette dernière peinture il me semble me promener dans la forêt où je vais à la cueillette des champignons... Je traverse une clairière et je tombe à un endroit où le sol est couvert de bruyère.
    Très belle diversité de couleurs qui animent mon regard et remplies ma tête de rêves...
    Gros bisous

  2. I am really behind. Sorry about that Roger. You're back to a larger format. I was starting to worry. I'd thought you had given in entirely to the Daily Painters small, easily mailed sizes.

    This one is lovely. I can tell your leaves are about where our leaves are. It's got a nice airy feeling. The sun is shining here too. The gloom has lifted after Sandy--but not along the coast. Half of New York is still without power.


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