onsdag 15 juli 2015

Flower Abstraction 151

Have been busy with planning and working in our garden lately. Have been able to paint and finish a large bird's nest painting, but more about that later.

This is a my largest flower abstraction to date. I wanted to go bold, making a more complex composition with more flowers, not just the same amount, but larger.
So this one is over the top, colorful and fun.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Wow that's a large surface! Good for you. Your paints are large. The small canvas sizes just don't do them justice. The large canvases let the colors explode on the wall on demand attention.

    1. Thank you Linda. I need room to work on, to be able to push things and balance big and small etc. It doesn't mean that I can't paint smaller paintings, especially with simpler compositions and concepts. All depend on the mood I am in or what works at the moment.

  2. Very beautiful painting !!!
    Happy summer weekend Roger !!!

  3. Hi Roger....This is a STUNNING work of ART!
    The blues really add the perfect highlights.


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