torsdag 3 maj 2012

Birch tree abstraction 1

I have done a lot of exploration of trees/forest paintings. I did take a detour from the path, still trees, but I did this birch tree painting. I kept it simple and I didn't do anything to suggest what kind of trees it was until I was almost finished with the painting, and I tried to do as little as possible to indicate it.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Those 'little as possible' finishing strokes are really what tie this whole piece together. Really love this one Roger. Especially the turquoise and yellow together. :)

  2. This is very interesting to look at. I like the mosaic strokes that play among the branches.

  3. Des couleurs toutes fraîches et printanières avec ces turquoises... Depuis la tempête de la semaine dernière, les bouleaux de ma propriété ont les hauts de leurs troncs qui flanchent un peu!!... Ils me donnent le tournis. Les vôtres m'étourdissent.
    Une très jolie peinture à nouveau...
    gros bisous

  4. Even if you did little, they are clearly birch trees, beautifully done.


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