måndag 31 mars 2014

Shapes & Movement 10

I have started to paint some flower abstractions, but most of my paintings done lately has been part of my abstract series. I do have a few paintings that I can mix in for variation in theme, but I appologize if someone thinks there is too much abstract going on.

This is one of my favorite abstract paintings. I also like the colors and have done a couple of paintings with those colors.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Amazing blue flower abstraction !!!
    Have a good day and new month !!!

  2. There is so much movement...what a nice feel to this one!

  3. You have taken a real step towards abstraction and a good one too. You don't have to apologize ever for being too abstract, too expressive. You're good at it. The last few have a lot of motion/emotion and as always, great color.

  4. I really appreciate all of your abstracts , so different from one another and yet so very much recognizably yours !


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