onsdag 3 juli 2013

Flower Abstraction 28

This is my entry to "The Sunflower(s) Challenge" on Daily Paintworks Homepage. I have done two paintings, have to see if both will be posted as challenge entries or not. The challenge was to have fun and paint Sunflowers. I'm not sure why, since there were no reason too, but I did two failed attempts cause I lost my way, got too wrapped up in how many petals etc the flowers had. I was very frustrated nothing worked for me, then I did this one. I took the elements of a Sunflower, but I tweaked it and did it my way.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Roger, this is a beauty. The burgundy and those delicate lines breaking it up caught my attention. Those delicate lines, so well done, envigorate and lighten up the larger shapes. Nice play of elements.

  2. I woud recognize your work anywhere Roger , love your style and the way you interpret the various subjects . This flower has a hypnotizing center , the colors are beautiful as always.

  3. Hi Roger, great that you did 'The Sunflower(s) Challenge'.
    I find your sunflower really beautiful!!
    The color transitions are very well done. The heart of the flower is eye-catching, wonderful! Looking forward to see the other one(s)!

  4. Delightful - moves like a pinwheel - love it. The colors are fabulous!

  5. Excelente trabajo, muy buen gusto !
    Te dejo un fuerte abrazo.


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