söndag 14 juli 2013

Flower Abstraction 41

I have been painting a lot of flowers, keeping them graphic and fun, but I realized that I started to get to soft, too detailed and the flowers started to look more like illustrations. Because of that I have started to push  things further (colors, shapes, compositions etc.).

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  1. Interesting the difference color can make. You are right - #40 is more realistic but I still like it because I really relate to the bluish line work in it. #41 is powerful and makes a terrific statement.
    It is like a beautiful woman in a tight dress saying look at me!

  2. HI Roger,
    Very beautiful flower abstraction with very warm colours !!!
    Have a nice and creative new week !!!

  3. I like both paintings but I really love the bright warm colours in 41. The different oranges and greens really compliment each other.

  4. Hi Roger! I find both paintings very beautiful, but I can understand why you're more satisfied with #41. Painting #41 is more abstract, I love it and it really has a visual impact on me!! Also love the color combination between the red/orange and green.

  5. 41 is the winner. It has depth, it has brilliant colors 'playing' with each other. It's lively. Number 40 looks like a nice beginning.

  6. Gorgeous! The oranger the better - love it!


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