söndag 21 juli 2013

Flower Abstraction 30

I have taken a break from painting flowers and have been painting a lot of berries lately. This painting is the third one I did with sunflowers in mind and off course it has three flowers in it.
I'm not sure if anyone have noticed, but I haven't been using black lines for a while. I am sure it is a month since I used black lines. I might use it, but it is not that I have to anymore. It all depend on the painting.

3 kommentarer:

  1. On my monitor most of the lines look as dark as a black so I can not say I notices the difference.
    I do like this trio and am as fascinated by the negative green areas as the golden positive areas.

  2. Very wonderful sunflowers and very interesting the use of black lines in your last paintings !!!
    Have a nice and creative new week !!!

  3. A great painting, Roger! Just like the other sunflower paintings, I love how you painted the hearts of the flowers. The colors are warm and beautiful!


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