tisdag 23 juli 2013

Blueberry Abstraction 14 & 15

  Blueberry Abstraction 15, (12" x 12")

 Blueberry Abstraction 14, (16" x 16")

First I did this giant (19,7" x 27,6"), crazy and colorful painting of cherries, blueberries and raspberries. When I was done, I realized that within the painting I found a part that I liked and thought it would be a great composition in itself. I did two versions, like them both and I am keeping the larger one (unless someone change my mind).

4 kommentarer:

  1. These are both great paintings. Both compositions work well. I really love the colors, so bright and cheerful.

  2. These are fun. You are mixing it up with your subjects and your colors are getting more and more lively. Summer agrees with you.

  3. Oh yeah! Amazing how so many colors can still read as "blue". Love them both!

  4. Two wonderful abstracts, Roger!! Love them both and they're such a pleasure to look at. The colors are amazing!!


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