tisdag 2 juli 2013

Flower Abstraction 27

I have been painting a lot of flowers lately. I realized that I get bored if it gets too "natural". I want them up close, a little fun and graphic. I still hope that I will find a way to paint flowers in a vase some day with my twist.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love this one, the colors in the purple flower are so vibrant. They really create so much energy. And I love your style, it is so fun and graphic. Lately I've been feeling bored with too 'natural' paintings too. But that's likely to change tomorrow. I'm fickle like that. ;) I'll be looking forward to a vase painting from you some day.

  2. Love that rose/purple color , really striking painting !

  3. Bonjour Roger,

    Vos couleurs sont extraordinaires... Je suis toujours conquise par chacune de vos oeuvres.

    gros bisous

  4. Really great flowers, Roger!! Love the dazzling colors and as always
    I like how you accentuated the petals and the center of the flowers
    with darker lines. Have a nice day with hopefully some beautiful weather!


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